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Like any healthy human beings, our ears perk up at the mention of “a dozen cookies.” But while we were all set to spoil our appetites with the tasty treats, it turns out that these particular sweets aren’t edible.

Ordinarily, we’d be storming off in a huff, but we’re giving these imposters a pass, because they’re a set of 12 cookie-themed Sailor Moon charms.

The bundle is officially known as the Sailor Moon Charm Patisserie Cookie Charm Assortment, with the double use of “charm” being a fitting if perhaps unintentional nod to the large number of pieces the set contains.

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Nestled inside the tin are 12 different plastic charms with metallic lobster clasps, waiting to add a subtle Sailor Moon touch to your purse, pouch, or wherever else you decide to clip them.

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In addition to feline mentors Luna and Artemis, there are chest ribbon charms for all five of the Inner Senshi. Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus also get separate heart-shaped cookies with their respective planet names and “make up!” written on them.

▼ Do an exclamation point and all lowercase letters cancel each other out?

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Technically, the charms pictured above are the limited edition versions of the items. Remove their blister pack from the tin, and underneath you’ll find a second, initially empty container.

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It’s there for hard-core completionist collectors who’re also planning to buy the ever so slightly different, but separately sold, standard edition of the charms, which the manufacturers apparently are still in the process of baking up, as they don’t seem to have been announced for sale just yet.

▼ Limited edition (left) and regular (right)

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Premium Bandai is currently taking orders through its website here for the 3,888-yen (US$33) limited edition. If you have a friend (or 23 if you’re going to divvy up everything) who’s also interested, two limited edition sets can be purchased together here at the discounted price of 7,128 yen. Bandai expects the charm sets to be sold out by early April, and delivery is scheduled for late June.

Source: Premium Bandai
Top image: Premium Bandai
Insert images: Premium Bandai, Mega Trea Shop