Sailor Moon’s anniversary goods continue: accessory maker Casselini brings us Moon Crystal Power-packed charms, clips and caps

This December will mark 27 years since schoolgirl superheroine Usagi Tsukino – that’s Sailor Moon to all the villains out there! – set our hearts sparkling with her graceful charm, pitch-perfect battle skills and healthy love of sweets. The 25th Anniversary campaign is still forging ahead, though, with no end in sight to stylish stationery, gorgeous summer ensembles and even figurines of her transformation. The moon warrior’s latest team-up is with cute accessory company Casselini, and we’re already dying to get our hands on it all!

The collection comprises eight beautiful product types. First up is the star of the lineup, the Pretty Girl Warrior Sailor Moon Cat Charm. This is a designer charm featuring a humanoid plush cat clad in the sailor scout’s distinctive threads. Pre-orders for the first round of cat charms sold out super quick, so make sure to nab yours as soon as you can!

▼ Spanning 15 centimeters (5.9 inches), this pretty kitty costs 6,480 yen (US$57.50)

With cute stitching and vibrant colors, this sailor feline will give a fashionable touch to any ensemble or display case!
But what if you wanted to carry her around with you while performing your civilian duties? Worry not! There’s an array of gorgeously styled tote bags to stuff full of your daily necessities. The most emblematic of these is the Skirt Bag, priced at 5,400 yen.

▼ The bouncy ribbon motifs and pretty blue, white and red colors sell a faithful image of Usagi’s outfits!

Wait, there’s more! These adorable clear tote bags are trimmed in charms shaped like Luna the cat, the Silver Crystal and the Crystal Star Compact. Each one costs 8,100 yen, is made of a classy, clear vinyl, and comes with a cute tag fashioned after its inspiration, with a mirror on the other side.

▼ The glittery finish on the straps and edges brings out an extra burst of sailor style.

The bag selection is rounded out with these cute checkered tote bags, the perfect size to ferry your gym clothes and slippers around in. Schoolgirl Usagi adorns the black check, Sailor Moon decorates the chestnut and Luna the cat features on the red check. Each one costs 5,076 yen, so you might want to keep it indoors rather than expose it to the wear-and-tear a regular gym bag might face.

▼ The gym-style tote bag selection is on the right side, the cute emblem baseball caps are on the left

Want to crown yourself with Sailor Moon apparel? Casselini has you covered, literally. The baseball caps pictured above come in black and white, the former of which depicts series cat couple Luna and Artemis, the latter which stars the familiar pink locket Usagi uses to transform. 4,320 yen will net you one of these classy caps!

Let’s not neglect what lies beneath your hat. The Inner Scouts are each represented with their planetary sigils in these gorgeous acrylic barettes, though any given one will cost you a handsome fee of 2,700 yen.

▼ They come with the names engraved, just in case people doubted your commitment to the Sailor Scout movement.

But that’s not all! Casselini is also selling ornate hair pin sets in silver, gold and copper designs, priced at a luxurious 5,184 yen.

▼ The Moon, Star and Luna hair pin sets each come with two glamorous pieces

▼ The Moon set comes with a large pin beset with a star symbol, engraved with the scouts’ logos, plus a moon of course!

▼ The Star set’s large pin is a recreation of Sailor Moon’s compact; the smaller pin is a star

▼ The Luna set has a cute crescent where her mark on her forehead would be, plus a matching tiara pin

Just when you might have thought you’d seen all the glitzy accessories of Usagi and friends that you can handle, the elegant sets of framed earrings make their debut. Whether your taste is pink compacts or yellow cat cameos, Casselini has something to delight you. Each set costs 3,780 yen.

▼ I think I’d go with the cats, but it’s a tough choice!

It’s understandable if your eyes got anime-huge looking at all these fashionable offerings (and their price tags). Remember to scout out a set of collaborative eye drops, so you aren’t left blinking in the dust while they all sell out!

Source: Casselini Online Store, Sailor Moon 25th Anniversary Project
Images: Sailor Moon 25th Anniversary Project
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