IMG_7529If there’s one rule of the Internet, it’s that cats make everything cute: kimonosheadbandsair freshenersand apparently even stealing things too.

Case in point: a kitty-sized lottery ticket booth was recently broken into by one greedy cat, and the owner caught the animal red-handed, posting the adorable evidence on Twitter. Stealing is bad, but these cats make being a thief look so cute!

In a country where cats are super-pampered and some even have their own IKEA beds, it’s a little strange to see them resorting to crime. This requires more investigation, so let’s take a look at the details from the scene:

“Breaking News: A burglary is happening at a local lotto ticket booth! I’ve captured the moment of the crime here in pictures.”

▼ “Hey human, you wanna buy a lottery ticket? You too could win one million pounds of catnip!”


▼ “Hey, is there somebody up there? I feel like I’m being watched….”


▼ “Ooh, what’s that? Is it a bug? Or a laser pointer? Or a….”


▼ “Hello! I’m stealing your tickets!”
HAAALLLPP! I’m being robbed! Get your paws off the merchandise!”


Fur-tunately, no money was stolen in this incident, and all the cats are safe and sound, probably currently enjoying a nap.

For some behind the scenes info, the name of the brown cat who was minding the ticket booth is Panko, and the thieving white cat is Katakuri. Japanese netizens were overwhelmed by the adorable duo’s heist:

“That cat stole my heart.”
“I love that box. Where can I get one?”
“This is too cute!”

Many Twitter users also were impressed with the detail of the box, which looks exactly like a real Japanese lottery ticket booth, but with lots of cat puns all over it. Neko in the upper-right means “cat,” while the NYA in NYA-NBERS (as in “numbers”) just beneath is Japanese for “meow.”

Judging by Panko and Katakuri’s ample presence on their owner’s Twitter page, we will probably see more of their antics in the future. If you’re a fan of cats and silly things (and if you’re not, then what exactly are you doing here?), be sure to give their owner a follow on Twitter.

Source, images: Twitter/@mummummummy