Twitter’s new favourite cat — cross-breeding gone wrong or optical illusion?

Those of us who are familiar with the history of the Internet may be familiar with Longcat. Longcat, or Nobiko, kept the Internet entertained for almost 15 years in the form of endless memes, but sadly passed away in September 2020.

While many fans were heartbroken at Nobiko’s passing, it seems a new contender has stepped up to the plate to fill the lengthy feline shaped holes in our hearts.

Twitter user @zogu8011 posted this image of a tortoiseshell cat in July, with the caption simply reading “What…”

The cat, who is resting on some sort of fabric, appears to have an absurdly long neck. Is this some sort of new breed of cat? A cat cross-bred with a giraffe, perhaps?

While we’d certainly like to be able to break the news that there are now giraffe cats roaming the streets of Japan, the more likely explanation is that the cat has tucked away its front legs and is only showing its back leg, giving the optical illusion of a looooong cat.

If there’s one thing you should know about Japanese Twitter, it’s that they love a funny cat or two (no really, they do) and immediately leapt on @zogu8011’s picture with creative fervour.

▼ “I went ahead and made a figurine.”

“Sorry, this cat is so cute that I couldn’t help but draw a picture of it.”

“Reminded me of this.”

Twitter was full of comments on the looooong cat, and the post currently has almost 100,000 likes.

“It’s like something you’d buy at Don Quijote.”
“Did you take this picture as a panorama?”
“This looks so uncomfortable. Cats really can just sit anywhere, huh.”
“Looks like a scene from Tom and Jerry.”
“A remodeled cat.”

This looooooong cat may be enjoying his time in the spotlight now, but if history is anything to go by, there will soon be another cat to take his place. After all, this certainly isn’t the first time Twitter has fallen in love with a funny feline, and it certainly won’t be the last!

Source: Twitter@zogu8011 via Hamster Sokuho
Image: Twitter@zogu8011
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