Zawachin has made a name for herself online by recreating the makeup of celebrities and now has legions of Twitter followers as well as multiple cosmetic and real-world advertising deals. She’s known for covering her mouth with a face mask or other convenient objects and really focusing on what makes the eyes of her subject distinctive. We’ve introduced her and her skills before, but today we have a slightly different look of hers to show off.

Zawachin’s looks are based on celebrities of all different ages, genders, and nationalities, and they’re sometimes scarily accurate. Although she’s Japanese, she has been able to transform herself into a range of famous Western faces with the power of makeup, including the likes of Miranda Kerr, Avril Lavigne and Ariana Grande. However, this time she’s taken a trip back in time to Hollywood’s golden age to recreate the coveted look of British beauty Audrey Hepburn. 

▼Along with the big doe-eyes and bold brows she’s also managed to get the 60s pixie cut without actually cutting her hair.

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▼This look features the iconic Breakfast At Tiffany’s hairdo and earrings, and Zawachin’s trademark mouth-covering.

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What do you think of this latest look? The first photo is a departure from the norm for Zawachin as for once her mouth is visible in one of the shots. However, there’s no doubt that covering up her mouth goes a long way towards helping her pull off the uncanny resemblances she does. We’d love to see her utilizing the same talent and attention to detail she uses for her eye makeup into her lips, too!

Source & Images: Zawachin on Twitter