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A lot of people think that the dollar store isn’t worth their time in America. There is this stigma that all the products are really cheap, plus, most of the items are actually over a dollar! 100-yen stores in Japan such as Daiso and Seria, are still proving they know how to treat the thrifty shopper right, however. You’re always able to find just what you need there, but Japanese Twitter users are currently all sharing their excitement and various uses for a product you wouldn’t think you could buy for only a buck.

Say hello to the hermetic sealer!

Officially called the “Handy Sealer”, this battery-powered marvel heats up an element which will fuse together materials so that they will seal together.

It doesn’t look like much, but pop in a couple of AA batteries and you’ll be ready to re-seal all your treats!

Some buyers missed the fact that they would also have to purchase the batteries.

You may even find yourself opening up random bags of snacks just so you can reseal the package.

Or a single piece of candy you couldn’t finish.

Some users are actually finding some other handy uses for this sealer. Sure to pique the interest of collectors all over Japan, you can apparently seal and protect some of your most prized possessions.

Twitter user @noice_com atually was able to create a face mask case using the handy sealer.

Only in Japan will people think they need a face mask case…

All these practical uses in such an inexpensive package! The quality of 100-yen store goods in Japan is truly something to write home about, and you can get that stationery there too!

Unfortunately, the 100 yen doesn’t pay for grammar check.

handy sealer 1Image: Flickr (Rakka)

Source: Naver Matome
Top Image: Twitter (@neccomputer)