Maximum the Hormone

Why isn’t Maximum the Hormone officially against ticket scalping?

The answer may not surprise fans of the lovable rock band.
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Latest Dragon Ball movie collaborates with explicit Japanese rock band

Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama and Japanese rock band Maximum the Hormone have each creatively inspired the other, and now they have come together for the latest Dragon Ball Z movie, which will feature the band’s intense and explicit track “F” as the main battle song.

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The anatomy of a cocky Japanese teenage boy circa 2013

It would appear in Japan a new species of teenager has emerged.

Once upon a time there were Yankees, a rough and tumble group of youths who flaunted convention, rocked mullets, smoked, and occasionally resorted to fisticuffs when it was called for. Sure, they were a little unrefined but you knew where they stood.

However, now it seems a new breed of young men and women have evolved from this who enjoy climbing into freezers and standing on subway tracks for fun.  This new class is being named DQN (Dokyun) in Japan.

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