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Yes, naruto stockings have arrived! But before you get all excited, we’re not talking about the hit manga and anime here, but about a different naruto — these stockings actually feature naruto the food. That’s right, these stockings are all about the naruto fishcakes commonly used as ramen toppings, and their unique design is sure to catch everyone’s eye!

naruto 3

As you can see, these “Naruto Print Tattoo Stockings,” as they’re called, have irregularly placed naruto illustrations running down its length, making your legs look yummy just by wearing them. As an added bonus, the stockings may even make you popular with ramen-loving guys!

▼Here’s what the stockings look like from the front.naruto 2

The stockings are a product of fake food accessories maker FAKE FOOD HATANAKA, and this is apparently the first in a line of food-themed tattoo stockings they’ll be coming out with.

The design of the stockings features one large naruto piece on the right thigh and five smaller naruto pieces running down the left leg from the knee down. If you like ramen, you may even feel tempted just a little to lick the patterns … well, maybe not, but they sure look good!

naruto 6

▼Here’s the package the stockings come in. Currently, they’re available on the FAKE FOOD HATANAKA online shop for a discounted price of 1,260 yen (US$10.63).naruto 4-2

▼And here are some close-up shots. The white and pink naruto patterns sure are lovely!naruto 5

naruto 7

Since naruto fishcakes are so closely associated with ramen, which many people in Japan consider to have originated from Chinese noodles, we think it may be fun (and perhaps even sexy) to wear these stockings with a Chinese-style dress.

So, how about sporting some fishcakes on your legs for a different look? If you’re interested, FAKE FOOD HATANAKA apparently ships internationally, so even if you don’t live in Japan, you can get your hands on these stockings and the other food-themed items they sell. If you like food, chances are you’ll enjoy checking out their website — just be warned that it might make you feel hungry!

Source and photos: FAKE FOOD HATANAKA
Original article by: Usagi Yumeno (c)Pouch