Japan sure loves its plastic replica food. It’s a handy way for restaurants to demonstrate the dishes on offer, and it’s an absolute godsend for tourists who don’t read Japanese. Instead of grappling with menus written in complicated characters, they can simply point at the tasty plastic versions. In recent years, however, plastic food has found its way toward decorating all sorts of objects, from phone cases to accessories. We think that things might have gotten a bit out of hand, however, because now you can apparently wear a serving of plastic food around your neck. Join us after the jump to see the whole range!

The neckpiece in question looks a bit like something an Egyptian pharaoh might have worn (except not covered in curry, obviously.) It’s available from online retailer Fake Food Hatanaka, and features what appears to be a meat curry of some variety, served with peas, white rice and pickles. The necklace retails for 7,900 yen (US$67) which seems pretty steep to us. We’re also having trouble trying to decide what kind of outfit you could wear this with. What goes with curry?

Here’s what twitter users had to say about this wacky neckwear after it was shared by user 96_33:

“Why would someone make this?”

“Handy in case of sudden hunger.”

“Way too expensive! lol”

“With this, you could spill curry on yourself and it wouldn’t even matter!”

But wait, there’s more! It turns out that the curry neckpiece is just one of a range of food neckwear that comprises several varieties, including:

▼ Spaghetti Napolitan

▼ Spaghetti Bolognese

▼ Spaghetti Carbonara

▼ Omelette Rice

If you’re interested in browsing more plastic food accessories, Fake Food Hatanaka has a wide selection available including Japanese, Chinese and Western cuisine, as well as bread, sweets, and drinks. Bon appetit!

Source: @96_33/TwitterFake Food Hatanaka
Images:Fake Food Hatanaka