You’ll never believe the food item used to create this pink color. Can you spot it?

Though spring is transitioning into summer, it doesn’t mean one can’t still go for a hot bowl of delicious curry. The comforting dish comes in many delicious forms and colors, but would you be willing to eat curry when it’s as pink as a certain stomach medicine?

This is a far cry from the traditional dark brown Japanese curry we’re used to seeing and eating. Don’t be scared however, because this pink curry comes from Japan’s Iwashita company, who specializes in the ingredient that makes this dish so pink: young ginger!

The company is celebrating their 30th anniversary and one of the special products they’ve produced to mark the occasion is the Pink New Ginger Curry. Unlike the ginger typically found in grocery stores, “new ginger” has a pinkish tinge, which gives the curry its pink color. The new ginger has a fresh, slightly crisp texture and when it’s paired with a white curry base and chicken flavor, it creates a “pretty-in-pink” feast.

This pre-packaged, ready-to-(h)eat boxed curry will be available to purchase from the New Ginger Museum in Tochigi as well as the New Ginger Museum Shop at the Nagomi Style Cafe in Akihabara for 580 yen (US$ 5.20), starting on May 13. There is also the option of ordering it from the museum’s online store beginning on May 15.

If cooking isn’t your forte and you’d rather eat out, the New Ginger Museum Cafe in Tochigi is happy to serve you a Pink New Ginger Curry meal for only 800 yen ($7.15). If one pink curry isn’t enough, you can also check out this beet curry and spicy pink curry. Just make sure to wash it all down with the pink Pepsi to complete your pink meal, if you can still find it.

Source: Entabe
Images: Iwashita