The Coffeeade offers a new type of refreshment this summer. 

On 28 June, Starbucks Japan began selling a new product called Coffeeade Cool Lime at branches around the country. Previously only available at Starbucks Reserve Roastery Tokyo, where it made its debut last year, the Coffeeade is said to offer an innovative new type of refreshment, as it contains coffee despite being a clear beverage.

According to the chain, a special method has been used to extract the flavour of coffee for the new drink, while lime juice has been added for a fresh and fruity kick.

▼ The Coffeeade Cool Lime is priced from 510 yen (US$3.54).

Our resident Starbucks expert, K. Masami, was keen to find out what the clear coffee drink might taste like, so she headed out to try it as soon as it was released. These days, she’s been exploring customisation options with some of the chain’s new beverages, and when she asked the barista if they would recommend a customisation for this one, they told her she could add citrus pulp for an additional 110 yen to amp up the fruitiness.

▼ So that’s what she did.

Upon first appearances, the drink looked more like ginger ale than a coffee drink, with pale hues that were totally refreshing. When she took her first sip, the look of the drink must’ve fooled her mind into thinking she was drinking ginger ale, because that’s what it tasted like as well — like a homemade ginger ale.

It was a surprising flavour, created by the slight bitterness of coffee and the crisp refreshment of citrus, but it was incredibly delicious and easy to drink so she certainly wasn’t complaining.

The coffee flavour was definitely present in the mix, but it was so subtle that even people who don’t like coffee would have no problems finishing this beverage. And if you do like coffee, you could order the largest Venti size and finish the drink in no time, it was that easy to drink.

▼ Masami herself finished the Coffeeade in record time, compared to other beverages she’s tried at the chain.

The citrus customisation made the coffee flavour slightly more subtle than usual, so it’s a good choice for those wanting to dial down the bitter notes. However, according to reviews online, the non-customised version of the drink is still light on coffee flavours, giving it wide-ranging appeal.

It’s the perfect drink to recharge your batteries during Japan’s energy-sapping summer season, but it’s only available for a limited time, while stocks last, until 31 August.

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