soy milk

23 flavors, five top recommendations for the wide world of Kikkoman soy milk【Taste test】

Because 23 is too many to say “I’ll just drink all of them,” unless you’re us, that is.

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We turn Japanese soymilk into a refreshing summer treat in just two steps【SoraKitchen】

Stock up on these cute, colorful cartons and ensure that you’ll always have a tasty iced snack to hand!

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We visit Tokyo’s new all-plant-based cafe “Komeda Is □”

Is the new vegetarian-friendly restaurant in Ginza worth checking out?

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We try cold soba with a creamy and delicious soy milk broth. It’s better than it sounds!

An unlikely pairing makes for delightful flavoring, and it’s vegetarian-friendly too!

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Ginger ale flavored soy milk coming to Japanese stores, buckets sold separately

Sure we all love the great taste of ginger ale. Its sugary and spicy flavor, which also helps ease tummy aches, is second to none. But I know some of you must be wondering: “Why can’t I get that fantastic ginger taste in a milky substance which has no saturated fat or lactose and was not produced in a way that directly exploits animals?”

Your highly specific prayers have been answered! Kikkoman will be bringing Ginger Ale Flavored Soy Milk to stores across Japan in February.

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Avant-Garde Ramen to be Served at Tokyo Game Show, But Is Anyone Iron-Gutted Enough to Eat It?

The Tokyo Game show always has displays and products guaranteed to shock and amaze video game fans from all over.  This year they seem to be leaning more towards the shock with this gourmet experiment.

Remember when you were a kid, you and your friends would put mustard, salt, ketchup, and squished meat into a McDonald’s cup of cola and dared each other to drink it?

This seems to be the concept behind this Soy Milk Curry Ipecac Ramen.

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