”New coffee experience” aims to satisfy your cravings for sweet, bitter, and fizzy drinks all at once.

In March, Starbucks opened its Reserve Roastery Tokyo to great fanfare, drawing excited crowds to the multi-story food and beverage complex along the Meguro River in the city’s fashionable Naka Meguro neighborhood. However, Japanese gourmands are always looking for the next flavor sensation, and so the company knows it has to keep creating new treats to draw people back.

So on April 10, Starbucks rolled out the Ginger Ale Cloud, which promises to be as comforting and refreshing as its name implies.

Inspired by the Emerald City Mule cocktail served at the Reserve Roastery’s bar, the Ginger Ale Cloud is a non-alcoholic offering. Starbucks starts with a pour of ginger ale, mixes in shaken burnt cinnamon syrup, and stirs in a measure of cold-brew coffee, creating a light and fizzy pick-me-up that combines sweet an bitter notes for what its designers boast is “an invigorating and refreshing new coffee experience.”

The Ginger Ale Cloud is priced at 800 yen (US$7.20), meaning that you’ll want to savor it and sip it slowly, especially considering how long it can take to get into the Reserve Roastery, though it’ll also be offered at the less-crowded Starbucks Reserve Bar locations in Tokyo, such as the one in the Ginza neighborhood.

Sources: Starbucks, IT Media, Entabe
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