Whether our parents like it or not, food is an art form. Playing with food is awesome, and we’ve seen some spectacular examples of shaved-ice masterpieces, printed designs onto food, or corgi omelets.

But if you’ve been looking for a quick, easy artistic recipe you can do at home, look no further. Get ready to make the cutest little appetizers you’ve ever seen: fried poodles.

Food blogger @hinami11 has lots of articles on her blog about how to make adorable dishes, but it’s her latest creation, fried poodles, that have been gathering attention online. It’s not hard to see why; take a look for yourself:

▼ Look at its widdle nose and it’s wolling over and… and… d’aww!

According to the blog post, the poodles are all made out of small pieces of chicken that have been fried. Here’s a translation of the recipe, so you can impress your friends and family with your cooking skills by making your own fried poodles:

▼ Step 1: Get the ingredients. You’ll need some nori seaweed, potato starch (or cornstarch), and chicken thigh meat. Also needed but not pictured: dry spaghetti, mayonnaise, grated ginger, soy sauce, a frying pan, oil, and (optional) garlic or sake.

▼ Step 2: Preparation. You should be able to get one poodle body and two poodle heads from one piece of chicken meat.

▼ Cut the piece in half, then cut one of the halves in half again. The two smaller halves are the heads, and the bigger one is the body.

▼ Use scissors or a knife to make the ears on the head, like this.

▼ Since the heads don’t usually come out as well as the bodies after frying, it’s good to end up having more of them.

▼ Next, cut the spaghetti into short pieces.

▼ Finally, cut out small circles from the nori. Use a hole punch if you have one.

▼ Step 3: Preparing the chicken. Keep the “heads” and “bodies” separate, and marinate them with grated ginger and soy sauce, then cover them in potato starch. Feel free to use garlic or sake in addition/instead of the ginger/soy sauce if you prefer.

▼ Step 4: Frying. Fry the pieces of chicken in oil that’s 170 degrees Celsius (338 Fahrenheit) until they’re nicely browned. Even if they don’t turn out like perfect poodle heads and bodies, don’t worry, we’ll fix them later.

▼ Don’t forget to fry the pasta too, making sure it’s nice and hard but not burnt.

▼ Step 5: Making poodles. First, look over your creations and pick out any that look like good poodle heads and bodies. Try looking at them from different angles too.

▼ When you find a good one, give it some nori eyes and nose. Stick them on with just a bit of mayonnaise.

▼ If you find a good one that’s just missing an ear, then stick in a piece of fried spaghetti…

▼ …and give it an ear!

▼ Or if you find a good one that’s just missing a nose…

▼ …then give it a nose!

▼ You can make lots of cute little faces… some cuter than others, but hey, that’s fine!

▼ When you’re ready to fasten the heads onto the bodies, stick a piece of spaghetti into the head…

▼ …and then find some poodle bodies to match. If you’re having trouble getting the spaghetti to go into the meat, then first make a hole with a toothpick, and stick the spaghetti into that hole. If you’re creative, you can turn some really weird shapes into perfectly posing poodles.

▼ Aww, look how delicious- er, cute he is!

Step 6: Give them life. Feel free to add some extras, like “lettuce grass” for the poodles to play with their “tomato balls” on.

▼ Then, once the puppies have played around enough, it’s time for them to play fetch with two giant sticks.P1010723

Several commenters on Twitter said that the fried poodles were “too cute to eat,” but the author said she had no problem downing them all with a beer.

What do you think though? Are fried poodles going to be on your menu tonight? Do you have any ideas for new toys for them to play with (perhaps some carrot frisbees or chocolate chip doggie poops)? And, most importantly, which end do you eat them from? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Togech
Featured/insert images: Hinami no Daietto wa Ashita kara