We find out if Pizza Hut should stick to making pizzas, or if it’s got what it takes to become a burger contender.

On 19 June, Pizza Hut began selling chicken burgers in Japan. This very limited-time special is part of the chain’s new “Guilty ‘Ura’ Menu” (“Guilty ‘Secret’ Menu“), which will only be available until 30 June, so our reporter Tasuku Egawa wasted no time in heading out to his local Pizza Hut to purchase the two burgers for a taste test.

Pulling on his serious taste-testing gloves, Egawa decided to start the proceedings with the humorously named “Pizza-ya na no ni Rice Chicken Burger” (“Even Though It’s a Pizza Chain, Rice Chicken Burger”).

This burger contains two rice discs for buns, and they were nicely browned with soy sauce…and piping hot to touch. Inside it all, a large piece of fried chicken stole the show as the star ingredient.

Peering underneath the rice disc for a closer look, Tasuku nodded in approval at the mound of mozzarella and gouda cheese inside the burger.

Hidden within the cheese were the ingredients usually found atop the chain’s bulgogi pizza: mayonnaise sauce, bulgogi, and chives.

Taking a big bite, Tasuku was pleased to find that the rice discs were wonderfully plump inside, offering a chewy counterpart to the chicken, which was surprisingly soft and juicy.

▼ With chicken this good, Pizza Hut could easily hang up its pizza hat and go into the fried chicken business.

The deliciousness of the chicken made Tasuku excited for the next burger — the “Pizza-ya na no ni Chicken & Chicken Burger” (“Even Though It’s a Pizza Chain, Chicken & Chicken Burger”).

With two pieces of fried chicken in place of the buns, this was a hard burger to disassemble, as the cheese on either side of the filling really sandwiched it all firmly together.

This turned out to be a good thing, though, because the chicken pieces would have a tough time of keeping the fillings in place on their own, and when Tasuku picked it up, it was easier to eat than expected.

Taking a bite out of this one was another guilty pleasure, with the chicken just as succulent as the first. It was a much meatier version than the previous burger, with a single rice “patty” inside to help pad out the delicious bulgogi pizza filling.

Junky, oily and sinfully delicious, both burgers exceeded Tasuku’s expectations, proving that Pizza Hut has the potential to be so much more than just a pizza chain. Here’s hoping they add more burgers to the lineup or maybe even start offering them year-round, because burgers this tasty are too good to be just a limited-time menu item!

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