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Humour can be so dependent on the language and culture of its country of origin, that it easily gets lost in translation. But what happens when you try to translate nonsense? That’s what Satoshi Castro has tried to do with his English version of comedy duo 8.6sec Bazooka’s ‘Rassun Gorerai’, the hit chanting-dance routine that’s racked up 9 million views on YouTube so far.

If you’re scratching your head trying to figure out what that title rassun gorerai means, you’re in luck – it doesn’t mean anything! So how will this catchy Japanese comedy song work in English? Join us after the jump to find out!

8.6sec Bazooka, or 8.6 byou bazuukaa as they’re known in Japanese, have only been performing together for one year, but shot to prominence in late 2014 with the rhythmic comedy song ‘Rassun Gorerai’, the lyrics of which make about as much sense as a banana eating a monkey.

Unperturbed, kids all over Japan have been having fun making their mates sing along to ‘Rassun Gorerai’, playing the video ever so slightly too loud on public transport, and chatting about it on social media until way past their bedtimes.

▼ What all the cool kids are watching, apparently.

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Entranced by the mysteries of ‘Rassun Gorerai’, YouTuber Satoshi Castro stepped up to the plate and onto the bandwagon with his very own English version. In homage to 8.6sec Bazooka, he’s translated the lyrics line by line, giving us a new English version of the song that’s just as gloriously incomprehensible.

It’s subtitled in Japanese, too, so you could even use it to study unusable Japanese – just like that “unusable English” method – if you’re so inclined!

▼ He also spells it ‘Lassen Gorelai’, because Ls.

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So is this a comedy masterpiece, or an eccentric surreal joke lost in translation? Well…it’s probably both. Anyway, have fun with that chorus stuck in your head the rest of the day!

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Featured image: Satoshi Castro