Super Mario and Donkey Kong head to Happy Meals, courtesy of their colony inside Universal Studios Japan.

McDonald’s Japan is rolling out a new batch of Happy Meal toys later this month, and this time it’s a collaboration with Universal Studios Japan. That might not immediately get your Japanese pop culture fan toes a-tapping with the same vigor as, say, the Sanrio Happy Meals from a while back, until you remember that Universal Studios Japan includes the Super Nintendo World area, and yep, the new Happy Meals include Nintendo toys!

McDonald’s itself seems to be aware that there might not be a perfect overlap of interest among fans of Nintendo and those of the other franchises represented at Universal Studios Japan, and so they’re splitting up the USJ Happy Meals into two groups. The first batch is strictly Nintendo toys, with an emphasis on the Super Mario series’ Mushroom Kingdom, the motif for the initial section of Super Nintendo World, and the setting of Donkey Kong Country, which is the inspiration for the area’s upcoming expansion. The next group, releasing a week later, features Minions, Curious George, and Jaws.

▼ We gotta say, this is the cutest we remember that shark ever looking.

The four-piece preview image for the Nintendo toys show what look like a cool Mario Kart pull car and Donkey Kong mine cart launcher. Mysteriously, McDonald’s Japan is promising that there will be six toys in each group, so there are two more Nintendo items yet to be revealed.

The Nintendo toys are scheduled to be available from June 12 to 18, the other USJ characters from July 19 to 25, and on July 26, the third stage of the collaboration starts, in which any of the toys could be in your Happy Meal. However, that third stage sounds a lot like it’ll consist of whatever, if any, toys are left over from the first two stages, since all of the schedules include the disclaimer “while supplies last,” so if you’re a Nintendo fan, you’ll want to get yours ASAP.

Source, images: PR Times
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