Remember Takara Tomy A.R.T.S’ punnily-named product, the Sonic Hour (“hour” sounds similar to awa, or “bubbles” in Japanese) that we introduced you to two years ago? That device created a foamy head on a glass of beer in seconds, making it the perfect present for any beer lover in Japan.

Those same beer lovers now have cause to rejoice again because this time around, the Sonic Hour is back with a handy new portable version! 

To recap, the original Sonic Hour gadget created a foamy head on any beer by emitting ultrasonic waves through the bottom of the glass. You simply had to place your glass of beer on the device and watch as the foam magically appeared. The new Sonic Hour Portable version also employs sonic vibrations to achieve the same foamy effect, but instead of placing your glass on top of it, all you have to do is touch the portable device against the side of the glass.

▼ The Sonic Hour Portable-for people who like their beer head extra foamy (in other words, everyone in Japan).


▼ A closer look at the new device. By the way, it comes in your choice of blue (pictured below) or black.


▼ Watch as the foam magically appears!


Takara Tomy A.R.T.S lists its dimensions as 108×78×35 milimeters (4.25×3.1×1.4 inches), making it easy to fit inside a bag any time you’re going out.

The Sonic Hour Portable, which can be ordered online here, will officially be up for sale on March 26th for 2,900 yen (US$23.92). Isn’t that a small price to pay in return for the sheer amazement you’ll see on your coworkers’ faces the next time you all go out for drinks together?

Sources/Images: Takara Tomy Arts via Game Over