And maybe it’ll help reduce stress too!

One unfortunate consequence of our technologically advanced world is that spending all day on our devices is, in many ways, terrible for our health. For one, those who work on a computer at a desk may have developed a bad habit of slouching over the keyboard. If that’s you, know that you’re not alone.

But don’t worry! There’s help for correcting bad posture, and it comes in the form of adorable furry stuffed animals named Funbaruzu. These cute but functional items have a rounded shape and arms and legs that cling to the edge of a table, and are, by design, meant to help prevent slouching.

These stuffed animals, which retail for 2,970 yen (US$22) each, come with a heart-shaped cushion inside, which is what helps keep your posture straight as you work. All you have to do is keep a Funbaruzu between your stomach and the desk or table, and it’ll do the trick.

And while it heals your posture, it also heals your heart. Who could be stressed when looking at a face like that?! Its very presence is soothing, since at any time you can take a break from the stress of work to pet its soft fur or give it a hug.

You can even bring it to those meetings you hate so much to keep you relaxed. In fact, it’ll probably help smooth everyone’s irritation away, possibly even making the meeting more productive. They’re far more useful (and much less creepy) than the Chin Rest Arm!

The are four different designs: a rabbit, a bear, a sloth, and an orangutan.

In fact, they all have names. The rabbit is named “Hop”, and its a bit spoiled, because it can’t sleep if it’s not on top of its owner’s stomach. The bear, named Brownie, is a little bit bold, while the sloth, whose name is Nosly, is lazy, but also laid-back. He doesn’t mind at all when Ootan, the orangutan, pulls a prank on him.

Since each one is so cute and with its own personality, we’d be very hard-pressed to pick one!

Plus, there are also plans for medium and small versions of each. You can use the medium size as a pair for double the cuteness…

And the small size is perfect for decorating your bag. How could we ever choose?!

You can find the Funbaruzu online at Dreams Online Shop, as well as in physical stores, like Coach and Four, Kiddy Land Shinjuku, The Glorious Market, and R.O.U. Laketown. If you struggle with bad posture while you sit at your desk, why not try one? And if you struggle with posture when standing, you can also try these crazy geta sandals…if you can manage to walk in them.

Source, images: PR Times
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