A surprising drink that plays pranks on customers, in the most wonderful ways.

There’s not long to go now until Halloween, and to get us into the spirit of things, Starbucks has released a limited-edition Frappuccino in Japan called Booooo.

Our resident Starbucks expert K. Masami was in line to try the new Frappuccino as soon as it was released on 11 October, and because she’s become a fan of customisations, she asked the barista if there were any tweaks to the drink they would recommend.

They told her it was perfectly delicious as is, and if she were to customise anything, they recommended trying it with oat milk instead of dairy milk, so that’s what she did, for an extra 55 yen (US$0..37).

When she received her drink, it immediately set the mood for Halloween with its spooky all-black appearance. She’d never seen an edible item this black outside of squid ink dishes, so it instantly made her feel on edge.

▼ It didn’t contain squid ink, of course, but Masami just couldn’t get the image of squid ink out of her head.

This optical illusion is all part of the theme surrounding the drink, which is designed to play Halloween pranks on customers. Beneath its pitch-black appearance is another prank — chunks of pumpkin pudding.

▼ Booooo!

As soon as you sip the drink through the straw, the pumpkin pieces pop out onto your tongue, surprising you with their soft, chewy textures. It’s a gentle, welcome prank, though, as the sweet pumpkin flavour lingers on the tongue, along with the milky base and creamy whipped cream.

The black sauce isn’t just for show, as it’s actually a bitter caramel sauce that adds a slightly bitter sweetness to the mix. It was like something a wizard might make, because no matter how much she sipped, her brain couldn’t match up the taste of bitter caramel to the black look of the sauce.

▼ Utterly confusing, but in a great way.

The drink surprised her with its looks and its taste, and she found it to be absolutely delicious. She also indulged in the all-black Halloween Chocolate Cake, another limited-edition that’s said to play pranks on its customers because beneath its dark exterior lies…

▼… a mound of purple blueberry cream!

The black cocoa dough, crunchy chocolate coating, and soft, delectable cream hit the right balance between soft and tart flavours, making it a perfect companion for the Frappuccino.

▼ Masami couldn’t resist buying two of this year’s limited-edition Halloween products as well.

While all the items in the range are designed to play tricks on customers, they’re also perfectly delicious treats, which means we don’t have to choose between trick or treat this Halloween — we can have our cake and eat it too.

The celebrations are only on for a limited time until 31 October, though, so be sure to get in quick for a taste of Halloween before it joins the ranks of other legendary exclusives, like last year’s bright purple Halloween Frappuccino.

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