Digimon Adventure tri. is one of the most hyped anime series this year, but so far not all that much info has been released. However, the official website has finally unveiled some tantalizing details … of when we’ll be able to find out more details.

The official website was updated with a cute little Digimon in an egg, who you can pet to bring up various info pop-ups. These reveal that, as part of the Digimon Adventure 15th Anniversary Project, Niconico Douga will be broadcasting all 54 episodes of the original 1999 (is it really that long ago?) Digimon Adventure series over a three-day period. Since the new series is set to feature the now highschool-aged Digidestined protagonists of the original series, this will be a great opportunity for a refresher.

The schedule is as follows:

Monday May 4 5PM~
Episodes 1-19

Tuesday May 5 5PM~
Episodes 20-38

Wednesday May 6 5PM~
Episodes 39-54

Then, at 10:45pm on Wednesday, after all 54 episodes have aired, there’ll be a big announcement of tri. information, including a promotional video, voice cast information, scheduling information, and “other surprises”!

▼We also got  a look at some official artwork with this poster of the Digimon themselves.


▼Series announcement video.

The series has been mired in mystery so far after initially being slated for the spring 2015 anime schedule, but then dropping off the radar. Hopefully this announcement means that everything is still on track after some fears that the series might have been cancelled altogether. Better late than never we say!

Source: Digimon Adventure Official Site via Twitter, and NetLab
Featured image via Digimon Adventure Official Site