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As part of the Cardcaptor Sakura renaissance, we’ve previously looked at cosmetics, accessories, and no fewer than three pairs of shoes that pay homage to the beloved anime and manga character. Until now, though, you were on your own if you wanted to dress like the series’ star, but now you can add more than a half-week’s worth of Cardcaptor Sakura dresses to your wardrobe.

Once again, these fashionable outfits come from anime fashion brand Super Groupies, as part of its latest collaboration with fellow anime merchandiser Sukiyaki. All four dresses are clearly inspired by the whimsically playful designs of Cardcaptor Sakura creator and manga team Clamp, but have been given enough subtle tweaks to make them a viable choice for fashionable young ladies considerably older than the elementary-school-age Sakura herself.

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Hemming closest to the manga/anime original is the Tomoeda Elementary School long-sleeved one-piece, which nonetheless has a longer skirt and shorter cape-like collar than the animated version.

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▼ The necktie and ribbon in the small of the back can both be removed if you’re after a low-key look.

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Going from schoolgirl to girlish, the Battle Costume Sakura one-piece is a simple design with three eye-catching ribbons.

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▼ The chest ribbon, with its lacy cherry blossom, is actually a removable brooch.

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Among the works in the Clamp library you’ll find a retelling of Alice in Wonderland, and the classic children’s tale is also part of the inspiration behind the Battle Costume Alice one-piece, which Sakura herself modeled on the September 1996 cover of girls’ manga anthology Nakayoshi.

▼ Although the apron looks like it’s being worn over the dress, the front section is actually sewn-on, while the frills in back are detachable.

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▼ The laces along the side can be tightened or loosened to change how the garment hangs.

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Finally, the Battle Costume Stars and Stripes high-waist one-piece is the most dynamic of the bunch.

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▼ Once again, the ribbon broach comes off to make the dress easier to wash.

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All four dresses are identically priced at 14,800 yen (US$124), and can be ordered directly from Super Groupies (here, here, here, and here). Delivery is scheduled for late May.

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