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Sometimes our modern lives lack conflict. Let’s remedy that today by having a massive fight about something that doesn’t really matter.

This week, we’re talking about the fermented soybeans known as natto, and there’s one question we need you all to answer: is this dish “nom” or is it decidedly “vom”?

Well, what’s it to be, space cadet? Does natto’s stench and slimy consistency make you want to vomit, or do you gobble this healthy, filling food up the second you see it?

Vote, fight, end the debate once and for all.


Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

Last week, we asked whether you prefered tuna or salmon sushi. After a long, hard battle that mostly involved clicking buttons, we can now reveal the results:

Super Mega Important Debate: Tuna or salmon sushi?

Salmon: 55.82%
Tuna: 32.78%

Winner: Salmon! You crazy fools.

Featured image: Go! Nagano (edited by RocketNews24)