There’s no reason not to play with your food with this natto in Nanoblock form

All we have to say is that this is one curiously clever fermented soy toy for the win.

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Natto for beginners? How to half-make Japanese fermented soybeans at home【SoraKitchen】

We try a way to stretch our store-bought natto supply, and also make the smelly, sticky dish less intimidating for newcomers.

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Almost certainly the best fermented Japanese soybean pencil case ever made is here

If you can find a better natto pencil case, we’d love to see it.

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Gross out your natto-hating friends with this incredibly realistic, sticky-looking train pass case

Or you’ll just make yourself hungry for natto and rice.

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Funny Shiba dog had a silly reaction to eating natto, frightened its owners, made the vet laugh

Who would have thought that dogs would like natto?

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Could this be the secret to get Americans to actually like natto (Japanese fermented soy beans)?

Japanese online commenters react with “BLEGH” and vomiting ASCII art.

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A pack of natto (fermented Japanese soybeans) a day keeps the death away according to study

Terrible news for picky eaters.

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Will Smith makes sushi with Japanese YouTuber Bilingirl Chika

The Hollywood actor eats natto, puts soy sauce in the wrong spot, and tries a hack for avoiding wasabi “burn”.

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We head out to Kyoto to eat a delicious crepe crammed with fermented soybeans, rice【Taste Test】

Why hadn’t we thought to stick natto and rice into warm fluffy crepe layers before now?!
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Ibaraki Prefecture marketing chief regarding their capital city: “Mito sucks! Die!”

Who knew Ibaraki was so punk?

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We try ice cream with a topping of natto fermented soybeans, because the Internet told us to

Salty things are delicious on ice cream…but no one ever said anything about stinky things.

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Eat Japanese cuisine like an epicure with the updated Ultimate NTO natto mixer from Takara Tomy

This natto mixer will let you mix to the max! It even has a special setting to recreate the recipes of a revered Japanese Rennaisance man.

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Natto-flavored potato chips are now yours for the taking (or trashing) in Japan

The latest offering from Japanese snack manufacturer Calbee has got some people eagerly awaiting its release and others scratching their heads in puzzlement. 

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Girls’ feet-flavor fried chicken now on sale in Tokyo, promises smell, stickiness of real thing

Idol singer group’s strange follow-up to sweat-flavor karaage is now here!

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Instant noodle company combines yakisoba noodles with fermented natto bean topping

If you’ve been too hesitant to give natto a try, this may be the way to start!

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Custard pudding with natto fermented soybeans? We try the new dessert craze sweeping Japan

It might sound like an unusual pairing, but according to Japanese sweet connoisseurs, this is actually a delicious combination!

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Life hack for living in Japan: How to painlessly remove the wrapper from a pack of natto

This simple little trick could be a life-changer if you’re a fan of natto.

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Japanese composer expresses smelly breath as music【Videos】

Hear the stench of fermented soybeans, herring.

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Ramen Noodle Pizza and Natto Okonomiyaki Pizza now finally a reality!

We’ve seen some strange pizza toppings in the past. From Kit Kats to squid ink, Japan certainly knows how to deliver when it comes to thinking outside of the box.

Now, there are two new awesome pizzas on the menu: Ramen Noodle and Natto Okonomiyaki. And that’s not all – both items are being offered as part of a collaboration using local ingredients that hark back to the 1960s. Available from Aoki’s Pizza from September 10, this is an opportunity that’s not to be missed!

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Five Japanese tacos that Taco Bell should have released by now, made and taste-tested【Photos】

Dear Taco Bell Japan,

I’m writing this open letter to first welcome you back to Japan, but also to warn you of a great danger that lies ahead.

When you first announced you would open in Shibuya I was among those who felt that warm feeling of an old friend returning. And even though there were a few hiccups with your grand opening such as the lack of beans and “supreme court tacos” on your online menu, I had faith Taco Bell would rise to greatness in Japan.

However, since then we haven’t really heard much from your restaurant, and that worries me. So, I’d like to present you with five ideas for uniquely Japanese tacos that will not only appeal to the local crowd, but be eye-catching enough to make your brand a name to remember. I even went ahead and actually made and taste-tested them for you!

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