Maybe this is an Internet writer problem and all you people with real jobs won’t understand, but a major snag we often run into in this line of work is not being able to find images of the right size and/or copyright status.

A lot of the most relevant, high quality images tend to belong to wire services and newspapers, while pulling stuff from the less copyright-protected corners of the net is kind of a crapshoot; you might find a beautiful pic that’s perfect for your story, but then again you might also discover that the only remotely related image that you can find is a thumbnail that’s only clearly visible under a magnifying glass.

Now, however, there is a solution!

Previously, there was no simple solution to enlarge such an image without it artifacting and pixelating until it ended up looking like a recreation of the original made out of Minecraft blocks.

But now, thanks to the free and excellently-named software, waifu2x, JPEG images can be enlarged with virtually no noise or pixilation and I can finally get back to completing my epic Fraggle Rock erotic fanfiction saga instead of spending hours a day turning the Internet upside down for appropriately-sized pictures!



Apparently, waifu2x was made possible by a type of artificial intelligence processing called a Deep Convolutional Neural Network, which may as well just be voodoo magic for all those words mean to me.

As high-tech and sort of Skynet-y as that sounds, seeing is believing (and we know the above promotional image of static-y boxes doesn’t do the software justice), so you can check it our yourself directly from your browser here.

Source: Kai-you.net
Images: Waifu2x