Turn your bad drawings into gorgeous anime and manga characters!

Realtime 2-D character creation software is a game-changer for artists and non-artists alike.

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Japanese art site Pixiv now lets you make your own 3-D model for free, and in English!

With a library of over 350 items, you can craft an original model even if you aren’t an artist! So we did.

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Japanese Twitter community shocked to learn that train timetables are made with Microsoft Excel

When they could have been made with anything, it is kind of surprising to know they’ve been made with plain ol’ Excel.

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Niantic employee creates awesome augmented-reality 3D Tokyo subway system for his son【Video】

Understanding Japan’s complex train lines just got a lot easier.

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New JPEG image enlargening software is actually a bigger deal than it sounds

Maybe this is an Internet writer problem and all you people with real jobs won’t understand, but a major snag we often run into in this line of work is not being able to find images of the right size and/or copyright status.

A lot of the most relevant, high quality images tend to belong to wire services and newspapers, while pulling stuff from the less copyright-protected corners of the net is kind of a crapshoot; you might find a beautiful pic that’s perfect for your story, but then again you might also discover that the only remotely related image that you can find is a thumbnail that’s only clearly visible under a magnifying glass.

Now, however, there is a solution!

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