July in Japan means Mt Fuji is open for business. For the next two months, shops at the 5th station become bustling hives of activity, hikers line the various trails up to the summit and tour buses start jamming the roads.

But what about the dreams of our feline friends who yearn for the thrill of scaling Mt Fuji? Well now they don’t even have to leave their air-conditioned homes because compliant owners can finally bring the mountain to their cats. Kitty’s goal of dominating Japan’s highest mountain can be achieved at last!

Called the Fuji Nyan (lit. Fuji Meow, but a play on “Fuji-san”, as the mountain is known in Japanese), this Mt Fuji replica is actually an ingenious scratching post made entirely from Japanese materials.


Measuring 47cm wide and 28cm in height, the extra sturdy cardboard construction means it will be able to withstand hours of cat attacks and adventures!


Paying 3,580 yen (US$29.08) might seem a bit much for cardboard, but think of how much fun you’ll have watching your cat claw the side of an active stratovolcano. That’s hours of entertainment you’re investing in!


▼ I am cat. Hear me roar. Now stop watching TV, stop typing on your computer, stop texting. Watch me on this mountain.


Until cats let us take them mountain-climbing without complaining, this cardboard meow-ntain will have to satisfy our desire to share the great outdoors with our feline friends!

Source and Images: Yukulu