Remember the  Evangelion and Japanese Sword Exhibition that we reported on a while back? We thought the idea was pretty cool, because…well, an exhibit that brings together an internationally popular anime and beautiful deadly weapons of steel has to be awesome, right? And we think you’d agree that such a unique exhibit deserves a commemorative item that’s just as unique and artistic.

Evangelion fans need look no further, because toy manufacturer Takara Tomy has come up with just that — a series of original tie-in figures of the anime’s three female pilots as they appear in promotional artwork for the exhibit…in magnificent kimono

That’s right, the ladies of Evangelion are being crafted as Japanese dolls, and first in the series is the “Asuka Langley Shikinami with Japanese Sword doll“.


With the intricately designed kimono and miniature dagger, the doll expertly combines elements of traditional Japan with the world of Evangelion. The figure also seems to capture Asuka’s fearless and confident expression quite well, and you can see that the striking sash (obi) is decorated with an A.T. field pattern.


▼ The doll seen from the back.


▼ The detail is stunning. The kimono features a peony pattern on a vivid red material.


▼ The small accessories like the clips that attach to Asuka’s head and the Japanese-style sandals are also created in painstaking detail.

Untitled 2

▼ The miniature sword also looks beautiful. The blade is decorated with intricate carvings, and the scabbard is painted red, Asuka’s theme color. The sword can be placed in Asuka’s hand or you can display it on the stand that comes with the figure.


▼ A few more shots of Asuka resplendent in her full kimono get-up for your viewing pleasure:






As intricate as the doll is, it understandably comes with a not insignificant price tag of 15,000 yen (US$120.56) and is now available for pre-order through Takara Tomy’s online shop until September 28, with the actual product scheduled to come out in late January next year. We’re sure fans will be delighted to know that Japanese-style Mari Illustrious Makinamito and Rei Ayanami dolls will follow, and even better,  the kimono will be interchangeable between the three figures!

If the pictures are anything to go by, Asuka’s kimono looks absolutely gorgeous, and we can’t wait to see  the Mari and Rei versions. The Japanese Swords Exhibition may be over, but happily for fans, it looks like we still have much to look forward to from the Evangelion franchise!

Source: Takara Tomy MallIT Media
Photos: Takara Tomy Mall