Stoic mecha pilot goes from the cockpit to the fields in posable figure.

After multiple creative and COVID-19-related delays, Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time was finally released in Japanese theaters this spring, bringing the anime franchise to its long-awaited conclusion. Eva has always kept viewers guessing as to what’s going to happen next, and without giving too much away, we can say that one of the most unexpected parts of the finale is a sequence where mecha pilot Rei Ayanami takes up rice farming, as seen in this clip.

The sequence shows one of anime’s highest-profile characters as she’s never been seen before, and rice-farming Rei left such an impression on fans that she’s now the muse for the latest Evangelion figure.

Unlike many anime character figures, though, manufacturer Kaiyodo’s farmer Rei is posable, with 16 points of articulation, allowing you to faithfully recreate various rice-planting postures.

In addition to four rice sprouts, the agricultural accessories include four potatoes and a zaru, a type of woven Japanese basket/colander used for washing vegetables.

You might have noticed that Rei is wearing her bonnet, neck towel, and other farm work gear over her plugsuit, and if you want her to revert back to her familiar Eva pilot appearance, the parts are removable.

The 16-centimeter (6.3-inch) figure also comes with an alternate face plate with Rei’s eyes looking to the left and a tiny version of protagonist Shinji’s S-DAT tape player that she can hold in her hand if it’s not already being used to grip rice or potatoes.

Pre-orders for the farmer Rei figure, which is priced at 9,790 yen (US$95) start May 28 through the Kaiyodo online store here, with shipping scheduled for July.

Source: Kaiyodo via Otakomu
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