Have you ever wanted to lounge around in your own pair of Legend of Zelda pajama pants? How about snuggling up with a Mario Kart or Donkey Kong pillow? Well now thanks to Jo-Ann Fabrics, all of your Nintendo-related craft dreams can finally come true!

The U.S.-based arts and crafts retailer is now offering more yards of Nintendo-themed fabric than you can shake a Master Sword at. From Mario to Donkey Kong, Zelda to Pokémon, they have it all. Who says fully-grown adults can’t make their own homemade Pikachu PJs?

The prints on the fabric contain classic Nintendo characters and images including Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Link, Yoshi, and many more. Prices may seem a little high at US$10.99 a yard for cotton fabric and $14.99 for fleece, but just think about how jealous your friends will be of your new Zelda bed sheets.

But enough talk, let’s have a look at these fabrics. First up are the Donkey Kong prints.

▼ Who wouldn’t go bananas over a DK fleece blanket?

Next up we have some Pokémon prints that are making me feel a little bit nostalgic for middle school. Just imagine having these bad boys made into some shorts for you to strut around in on the beach.

▼ First generation = best generation


The Zelda print look like it was caught somewhere halfway between the Light World and the Dark World. There’s lots of evocative colors, and Young Link’s action poses will make you feel like you too can take down Ganon yourself when wearing this print as a tunic.

▼ Epona and Young Link are here to save you… from using boring prints on your next project!


If the first few were too “recent” for you older gamers, here is a great print from Nintendo’s arcade era.

▼ More old-school goodness. Perhaps the perpetually naked Donkey Kong would actually wear a shirt if it had this print on it?


Lastly here is a group shot of most of the well-known Mario characters. Let’s just hope they could behave themselves while this picture was taken.

▼ Look at everyone cheering you on to finish your project! Oh, by the way, did you spot Rosalina?


With all these great prints, it’s hard to choose what to make with them. Maybe a Toad T-shirt? A Lakitu Tote bag? Perhaps your own Nintendo-themed ita-bag? Whichever project or print you choose, it’s sure to bring back some fond memories.

Source: Springs Creative Facebook PageGoNintendo
Featured/top image: Springs Creative Facebook Page
Insert images: Jo-Ann Fabrics