Every dog owner has experienced it: you want your dog to sit, speak, roll over and maybe shake, but your pooch has other ambitions. Bigger dreams. He wants to join the fire brigade (you know this because you taught him to speak), but you’re worried about your little buddy’s safety.

Finally, though, you can let your doggy chase both his tail and his dreams with this adorable doggy flame-retardant suit. Join us after the jump for more adorable photos!


All you have to do is fit the suit over your dog’s head and fasten around his waist with the Velcro strap, then pop up the incredibly adorable, I’m-a-real-fireman-now-mom hood and let your best friend go to town fighting fires, jumping through flaming hoops, or running through war zones without worrying about his luxurious-yet-incredibly-flammable coat catching fire.

What’s more, you can use the doggy fire suit to confuse and enrage members of PETA – which is against both animal ownership and animal endangerment – for fun and laughs with your pet.

firedog5 firedog1

The fire suit is specially tailored for big dogs and it even comes with a name tag so people know what to call your pet if he escapes an emergency situation without you; although we don’t want to think about what that implies for your fate.

One doggy fire suit costs 20,790 yen, or about US$205. For those wondering if they can get their hands on a cat version, we’re guessing you can’t; as we all know, cats are treacherous, callous creatures that will abandon you at the first sign of danger, so they don’t really need one.

Source: IT Media