Watching the adorable pups take turns sliding down the slippery dip is guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

While cats are certainly adored around the internet, dogs definitely deserve some time in the spotlight too. We’ve loved seeing cute pups watching YouTube videos, sleepy dogs spread out in bizarre positions, and even a couple of cosplaying canines, and now we’ve found another adorable duo to give our attention to. These two black Labradors from Japan are stealing our hearts with their passion for playtime, happily running up the ladder of a slide at a park to race down its slippery slope over and over again!

Since Twitter user @WithYou_Kizuna posted the short video online a few days ago, it’s received more than a hundred thousand likes and tens of thousands of retweets. The playful duo are bringing smiles to people’s faces with their carefree abandon and excited tail-wagging as they climb the stairs to enjoy all the thrill of the ride.

Japanese Twitter users are leaving besotted comments like:

“This is wonderful!”
“These dogs make playtime look like so much fun!”
“What beautiful black labs! They’re so cute!”
“You can just imagine them talking to each other, saying ‘This is so much fun! Let’s do it again!'”
“These dogs know how to use the slide better than my niece!”

It really is imipressive that the dogs know how to use the slide as it’s meant to be used. Now they just have to perfect the art of lying down and sliding on the slope to really increase the thrill of playtime!

Source: Hamusoku
Top Image: Twitter/@WithYou_Kizuna