Back where I come from, it wasn’t uncommon to pick a grape off its stem and pop it right into your mouth without a second’s thought. The very idea of peeling a grape was something along the lines of a diva demanding a bottled-milk bath while dining on a bowl of only red-colored Skittles.

However, in Japan, where many varieties of grape have thick or rubbery skins, peeling them is pretty much standard. In fact, whenever I eat a grape with its skin intact, I’m stared at as if I had just plucked a live spider off the wall and ate it.

That’s probably why 7-Eleven can get away with marketing their frozen bags of grapes as having “edible skins” here.

These revolutionary grapes with skins you can eat can be found in the freezer section of 7-Elevens in Japan. And therein lies the amazing secret of how these peels become palatable: freezing.

Along with this English wish of happy dining comes a price tag of 213 yen (US$1.80). Now that might seem steep for a handful of freezer-burned grapes, but there’s more!

That’s right, 7-Eleven’s bag of “Grapes with Skins You Can Eat” are seedless! So…they got that going for them too.

Our reporter PK Sanjun tried a bag for himself and was entirely pleased with the results. He said the grapes had a slightly crispy texture with just the right amount of tang. But what impressed him the most was how easy they were to snack on being both seedless and having “edible skins.”

When asked how these were different from regular grapes, PK recommended I do something unpleasant to myself and then ordered me out of the room.

Source: 7-Eleven Japan (Japanese)
Original article by PK Sanjun
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