Turns out that the old switcheroo is also a good way to beat the summer heat.

One of the sweetest solution to Japan’s almost intolerable summer heat is to indulge yourself in some ice cream. It can be luxurious Häagen-Dazs ice cream with bold new flavors, or it can be simple classic treats that everyone loves.

One such classic is the Watermelon Bar introduced by Lotte back in 1986. Ever since its release, the popsicle’s resemblance to a juicy slice of the fruit has become a favorite in 7-Eleven convenience stores whenever summer rolls around.

▼ Here’s how a “normal” Watermelon Bar looks.

We mentioned the word “normal” because true to 7-Eleven’s tradition of selling quirky yet delicious foods, the store has unleashed Lotte’s Reverse Watermelon Bar (108 yen, US$0.97) that essentially swaps the popsicle’s “skin” and “flesh” portions.

▼ No, it’s not an unintentional blunder by Lotte.
(Translation below)

“I hunted down a Reverse Watermelon Bar (108 yen including tax) at a nearby 7-Eleven store. It’s not a melon ice cream bar. The flesh and skin have been reversed, and it is also reflected in the packaging. The green portion is supposed to be the skin, but chocolate ball seeds are found in there.”

For Japanese people who grew up eating the usual Watermelon Bar, this new treat must have been an instant buy. It’s not just a color swap though, as the red part reportedly tastes sour with a slightly crunchier texture like biting into the fruit’s skin. Truly a mindblowing snack for ice cream or watermelon lovers out there.

This limited-edition Reverse Watermelon Bar is only available in certain 7-Eleven stores in Japan, so consider yourself lucky if you can find one at your local shop. While this newest wacky offering by the chain is mild compared to what they did with ramen and ice cream, it’s still a simple twist that’ll hopefully bring smiles to some faces.

Source: Entabe
Featured image: Twitter/@donutskyohey