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Aside from tasting great, ice cream conjures up all sorts of happy mental images. While it’s pleasing your taste buds, the frozen treat can bring back reminiscences of childhood family outings or innocent high school dates in the park.

Or, in the case of one brand of ice cream from Shikoku, sucking on some boobs.

We were all a little shocked the other day when Meg, one of the reporters from our Japanese sister site, showed up at the office and asked if anyone wanted to try some Booby Ice Cream. As a combination of two things our healthy male staff is ordinarily quite fond of, this was a solicitation equal parts tempting and baffling.

“Don’t worry, it’s not made from breast milk,” Meg assured us, and in fact, Booby Ice Cream (or Oppai Aisu in Japanese), is made with the same ingredients as any other ice cream.

What sets it apart, though, is its packaging, which in turn dictates how to eat it.

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Booby Ice Cream is made by Kubota Foods, which is headquartered in Kochi Prefecture on the island of Shikoku. The wrapper is decorated with a picture of a polar bear, no doubt a reference to another of Kubota’s popular desserts, Shiro Kuma (“Polar Bear”) Ice Cream.

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While you might assume the product’s in-your-face moniker is a result of today’s cheeky Internet culture, Booby Ice Cream has actually been around since the mid-1950s. It’s price, too, is a retro-cheap 60 yen (US$0.59).

So why the suggestive name? Well, here’s what you’ll find inside that wrapper.

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▼ You know Meg is serious about her snacks when she has special ice cream holding gloves.

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Some of Kubota’s rivals sell a similar products with names like Egg Ice Cream or Balloon Ice Cream. With a design that includes what can only be described as a nipple, though, and is instantly so evocative of mammary memories, we can see why Kubota decided to go with “Booby.”

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To get at the ice cream itself, the package says to take a pair of scissors and snip off the extra bit of plastic.

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We realize it can be hard to control your excitement at the intersection of breasts and sweets, but be careful with this step, since as soon as you make your cut, ice cream comes spurting out and there’s no way of stopping it. Meg, too, was taken quite aback by the sudden eruption of deliciousness, and for a second wondered whether she was about to be in very sticky trouble when it just kept on coming, but she soon had things under control and was free to enjoy the rest of her ice cream at her leisure.

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Booby Ice Cream is easy to track down in convenience stores in its home territory of Kochi, but is harder to come by in the Tokyo area. Thankfully, Kubota has an online store right here where you can order up to twenty at a time, but for some reason, you can’t place an order for just a single pack. We don’t see this being much of a problem, though, since most boob enthusiasts have no trouble figuring out what to do with a set of two.

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