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Many of us are willing to toss around the word “cook” when we are messing about in the kitchen. Food shows, Internet recipes and even the paper cookbook provide us with a ton of ideas about what to prepare for dinner. So while some of us are pretty handy in the kitchen, it takes a whole different class of cook to take on the name “chef”. These food artists take seemingly common (or uncommon) ingredients and turn them into some crazy dishes that they claim you can do yourself at home!

Let’s take a look at your next contribution to the Japanese pot-luck dinner, the Tiger Sushi Roll!

Regular RocketNews24 readers might be familiar with the name Davy Devaux whose YouTube cooking show “How to Make Sushi” has been showing us how to make some incredible sushi for the past three years. One of his newest videos features another animal, and after watching, it makes us want to prepare some sushi rice and level up our cooking game!

Davy calls it the Tiger Sushi Roll, an uramaki (“outside roll”) dressed up to look like our favorite king of the jungle. This crazy-looking roll combines mangos, a few strawberries, squid ink, a couple of thickening gels and a butternut squash along with some salmon tartare to create an unbelievable roll that we are sure tastes as good as it looks!

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It takes some preparation and time to pull this one off, but if you can manage it, you’ll surely be the talk of the town. Here’s how he does it.

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After juicing up two mangos, Chef Devaux adds two thickening gels, locust bean gum and agar agar to create the tiger’s skin. Pouring off 100 millilitres (3.4 ounces) of the liquid, he adds some black squid ink so he can create the signature strips of the tiger.

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He boils and then simmers the mango mixture for about three minutes in order to activate the agar agar gel. Once he has done that, he draws out the tiger stripes with a spoon on a silicon sheet. After refrigerating for about 30 minutes, he adds the normal mango mixture to the sheet to form the skin.

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Next, he boils a bit of butternut squash so that he can carve it into the tiger’s head. Some handy knife work and some careful planning is needed here, as you’ll need to have a good idea what the face will look like in order to carve one out properly. Luckily for us, a butternut squash is pretty big, so you can just use another piece if you make a big cutting mistake.

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Once all the tiger’s skin has set and the head has been carved, it’s time to make the sushi roll! Chef Devaux skips over how to make his delicious salmon tartare, but thankfully there is another video for that. Throw down some Sriracha sauce and the salmon tartar, roll it over, seal it up and it’s time to assemble!

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Chef Devaux recommends that you place some cling wrap over the roll when you are cutting it so that nothing goes flying off. We aren’t the ones who just carved a tiger’s head out of a squash, so we will just follow his advice. Finally, you can place all the pieces on a long plate and your tiger roll sushi is complete.

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We really wish we could be eating this amazing looking roll right now, but RocketKitchen just isn’t stocked with locust bean gum or agar agar. We will just have to settle for eating with our eyes until someone in the office develops some serious knife skills. If you like what you see, take a look at some of Chef Devaux’s other videos; they seem like a great place to learn about sushi.

Source:YouTube/How To Make Sushi h/t Design Taxi
Images: YouTube/How To Make Sushi