While sniffing out the most interesting things on offer at this year’s Tokyo Game Show 2015, we came across one game that was making quite a splash with its bizarre theme and crazy advertising. How could RocketNews24 resist talking to the guy in a bright yellow bodysuit with a poo hat on his head?!

I took the opportunity to talk with Dice Creative, the developers of new poo-themed mobile game PooPride, and I was impressed by just how much passion and excitement they have for excrement.


Poo Pride is, as its website states, “a game of chicken, but with poo”. Gameplay is simple; your poo races another poo along a course, with the aim being to tap the button to brake before you slide off the drop at the end of the track. You win if you manage to stop closer to the edge than the poo you’re racing, and you lose if you either don’t brake in time and fall off the edge, or come to a halt behind the other poo. The key is timing, and learning exactly when you need to start hitting the brake button depends on the speed and abilities of your character. The closer to the edge you stop, the more points you earn.

As with most mobile games, there are plenty of collection-based incentives to keep you playing. You can level up your poo to make braking easier, or increase its speed so as to earn more points. Every time you beat a new poo, they’re added to your collection, and eventually a boss poop will show up who you need to defeat in order to move on to the next area.

▼ Make sure not to skid too far and plop over the edge!


Although this is a mobile game, where microtransactions are unfortunately par for the course these days, I was pleasantly surprised by how unobtrusive they are here. You can continue playing so long as you keep winning, and if you run out of lives you only have to wait five minutes to regenerate one. Of course, for those who are having a particularly long toilet break and want to keep playing, there is the option to spend actual money on more lives.

▼ This guy should totally meet Mr Sato. I have a feeling they’d get along.


So why put so much effort into developing a game revolving around something that most people prefer never to mention? In their own words, the creators are passionate about poo. They told me that the reason they chose poo as the theme is because “it’s an essential part of human life.” However, I have a sneaking suspicion that they just thought it would be funny, and for fans of gross-out humour, it definitely is. Each poo enemy has a unique design and name, and after beating them you can check them out in your Poo Encyclopedia for a giggle at their descriptions.

▼ Is it just me or are some of them are actually kind of cute?


Despite the somewhat off-putting theme, the game has a vibrant and cheerful aesthetic, and it doesn’t take itself too seriously. So long as you’re not offended or completely icked out by poop, then it’s a fun distraction for when you have a few minutes break time. Let’s face it – we all know that a lot of mobile gaming is done on the toilet, and with its quick races and simple controls, this is the perfect game for when you’re on the John. Download it free for Android devices here on the Google Play store, and let the toilet know who’s boss.

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