We’ve seen a lot of Japanese high school girls who have become popular online for various reasons, from being funny to being silly to be pretty. But this girl has been getting a ton of attention online all because of a little secret that is now out of the bag. Can you guess what it is?

She’s not real!

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As explained in the tweet above, this is actually a 3-D computer-generated model named Saya, created by the husband-and-wife team Yuka and Teruyuki Ishikawa. They’ll be explaining the workflow for creating photorealistic models at CGWorld’s Creative Conference this year using Saya, and the character will also appear in a movie they’re currently working on, which means the model will eventually move around too. We have no idea if that will somehow break the ultra-realistic illusion of the photos, but we imagine the video will look gorgeous anyway!

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The team is based in Tokyo, though most of their work is freelance and they get plenty of orders from overseas. Saya and her movie are apparently a side-project they’re working on in their free time, which somehow makes it all the more impressive!

▼ None of our side projects look anything like this…

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The duo has also shared a number of their other projects online, and all of them are simply stunning. Take this armored woman, for example.

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▼ They list some of the tools used in the tweet below.

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Obviously, the pair is extremely talented! It’s hard to believe that none of the people above are real…

You can see more of their work on their homepage or, if you happen to be in the market for some awesome CG models, you can even inquire about their rates! We’d ask them to make a model of Mr. Sato, but we’re not sure the world can handle any more

Sources: Gogo TsushinTelyukaTwitter/@mojeyuka
Top image: Twitter/@mojeyuka