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San Diego Comic Con is famous for getting all the big announcements and sneak peaks about new projects, but New York Comic Con is getting large enough that major news stories are being broken at the East Coast convention. Some of the biggest news over the weekend for anime fans was the announcement of a live-action Hollywood film adaptation of Tiger & Bunny. With such a mammoth announcement, it didn’t take much time for someone to come along and fan-cast the entire series. Judging by looks alone, we are pretty impressed with their choices and while we probably won’t see so many amazing actors come together for one movie, it’s always nice to dream.

For those who aren’t acquainted with Tiger & Bunny, it’s set in a re-imagined New York City called Stern Bild City where many years ago NEXTs (Noted Entities with eXtraordinary Talents) arrived and now act as the city’s superheroes with accompanying corporate sponsors. Each hero’s activities can be viewed on Hero TV where they gain points for their good deeds. The highest-ranked hero at the end of a season is then crowed the “King of Heroes”. The series focuses on old-timer Wild Tiger and his young, new partner who he calls Bunny.

The Hollywood version is being produced by superheroes in their own right: Ron Howard and Brian Grazer through Imagine Entertainment together with Bandai Namco Pictures and All Nippon Entertainment Works. With such great names producing the title, it’s only fitting that great actors fill the roles. Twitter user @dolceione_gh imagined the perfect Hollywood actors for each role, with a little help from Photoshop.

[tweet https://twitter.com/dolceione_gh/status/653185682869895169 align=center]

▼ John Stamos as Kotetsu T. Kaburagi

t and b 1

▼ Alex Pettyferas as Barnaby Brooks Jr.

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▼ Elle Fanning as Karina Lyle

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▼ Chloe Moretz as Pao-Lin Huang

t and b 4

▼ Ty Simpkins as Ivan Karelin

t and b 5

▼ Tom Cruise as Keith Goodman

t and b 6

▼ Chris Hemsworth as Antonio Lopez

t and b 7

▼ Jonte’ Moaning as Nathan Seymour

t and b 8

▼ Robert Downey Jr. as Robert

t and b 9

▼ Masi Oka as Saito

t and b 10

▼ Forest Whitaker as Ben Jackson

t and b 11

▼ Steve Martin as Albert Maverick

t and b 12

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Some of these choices are so spot on, and we have to wonder if the original character designer had some Hollywood actors in mind when they dreamed up the cast of Tiger & Bunny. We will have to wait a little bit longer before we will know who is actually cast for each of the roles, but with big players like Imagine Entertainment, Bandai Namco Pictures and All Nippon Entertainment Works, it’s sure to be a movie that people will be talking about.

Source: My Game News Flash
Images: Twitter/@dolceione_gh