The children’s petting zoo section of Tokyo’s Ueno Zoo is home to a variety of fluffy, domesticated critters that visitors can get up close and personal with. Among the perennial favorites is a group of guinea pigs which have an impressive routine for when it comes time to (literally) hit the hay.

We bet you never thought that a group of rodents could be as well-behaved as these furry little guys!

We already knew that commuting guinea pigs were “totes adorbs,” so watching this new video is like an extra special bonus:

▼ “It’s time to go home~ ٩( ‘ω’ )و”

In the short clip, a zoo employee removes the door to their hut and the little guinea pigs form a veritable conga line, scurrying up the ramp one by one to settle down for an evening of snuggling and squeaking in their straw. The procession is accompanied by the jingling of a bell and nonstop exclamations of “kawaii [cute]!” from the adoring onlookers. We’re starting to think these fluffy little bums might just be the thing to beat the legendary hamster bums in terms of cuteness…

Upon seeing the video, other Internet users shared their own photos of the same crowd at Ueno Zoo:

▼ “When the worker rang the bell, the guinea pigs lined up and headed back into their pen. (*´ω`*)”

▼ “I’m at Ueno Zoo! (^◇^)Guinea pigs!”

▼ “A guinea pig #UenoZoo

▼ “Last summer I visited Ueno Zoo and cuddled with this little guy. He was extremely cute and is my favorite one in the history of guinea pigs! ❤︎ I wonder how he’s doing.”

Aren’t you impressed by the guinea pigs’ orderliness? Now, if only schoolchildren could be so disciplined…

Source: Togech
Featured image: Twitter/@kairi1402