ueno zoo

Ridiculous crowds show up at Tokyo’s most popular zoo as baby panda makes her public debut【Pics】

If you want to see Ueno Zoo’s adorable infant panda, you’ll absolutely want to get there before the gates open.

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Popular Japanese treat Tokyo Banana gets special makeover for baby panda’s debut at Ueno Zoo

Tokyo Banana is getting into the panda spirit as Ueno Zoo gets ready to present six-month-old baby panda Xian Xian to the public.

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With youth suicide spike looming, Tokyo zoo offers itself as a place of refuge

Ueno Zoo reminds youths that they don’t need anyone’s permission to run away from a dangerous situation.

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Ueno Park’s panda bread is just as warm, fluffy and cute as the pandas themselves 【Photos】

If you’ve ever wanted to gobble up an adorable panda, now’s your chance!

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【Monday Kickstart】Guinea pigs heading home for the night are delightfully darling

The children’s petting zoo section of Tokyo’s Ueno Zoo is home to a variety of fluffy, domesticated critters that visitors can get up close and personal with. Among the perennial favorites is a group of guinea pigs which have an impressive routine for when it comes time to (literally) hit the hay.

We bet you never thought that a group of rodents could be as well-behaved as these furry little guys!

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Capybara enjoying a meal at Ueno Zoo treats us to the herbivore’s version of “Hana Yori Dango”

As our readers may be well aware, we Japanese have a passion for the sakura, or cherry trees, turning it into a huge social event when they’re in bloom each spring, even though they last for only about a week. We’re also quite fond of capybaras, as you can tell from the way we delight in pampering them in hot spring baths, and also creating mascot characters out of them as well. Well, we’re right in the middle of sakura season in Tokyo now, and we’ve found a cute little picture that combines these two seemingly unrelated subjects in a delightfully unexpected way. Yes, straight from Ueno, one of the most famous sakura-viewing areas in Tokyo, we bring to you this lovely photo that has captured the hearts of Japanese netizens and gives renewed meaning to the Japanese expression, “hana yori dango.”

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Baby Sun Bear Can’t Quite Reach the Door Knob, Cuteness Ensues

A sun bear cub residing in Tokyo’s Ueno Zoo was videoed having a frustrating time dealing with the door to its den.  It would seem the handle to the door was juuuuust out of reach of the bemused bear cub.  Even standing on its tip-toes it can’t quite make it. Then it starts spinning around, gets dizzy and falls on its back.

Prepare to go “Awww” hard.

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