Ever since Twitter user @itsIsaaaaaaac tweeted those famous words, “Netflix and chill“, internet meme-dom, and indirect invitations to have a “good time” with it, were forever changed.

As a result, the internet is now packed full of hilarious and awkward examples of what can happen when one puts out that particular call. But what if, mused one net user, instead of offering to Netflix and chill one was to make a similar offer to “Smash Bros. and chill“? What would that even look like?

Thanks to the work of the Internet masses, we now have the answer. And it’s hilariously inappropriate.

It may have begun with a simple question, but the possible answers are endless…


Image: Tumblr/ precumming

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▼ Remember, when you’re 20 minutes into Smash Bros and chill, you gotta give her this look:


▼ This one may work too, but you also run the risk of frightening her


▼ Now here’s a side of Mario we never imagined we’d see… And now it can’t be unseen!


▼ Obviously, you have to be careful if you receive an invitation to Smash Bros and chill. Things may take a turn for the surprising:


▼ Or, it may result in freaky stuff you never even imagined…


▼ Okay, now this is starting to get a little out of hand… Pikachu, what are you DOING to him?


If your childhood wasn’t ruined before, it’s probably ruined now!

Source and images via Yurukuyaru
Top image: Yurukuyaru (edited by RocketNews24)