Finally, curry the way its meant to be eaten: cascading.

Kirin Beer announced a summer promotional campaign which highlights their Nodogoshi line of beers’ compatibility with the beloved Japanese version of curry. By drinking Nodogoshi beers and collecting the special stickers affixed to them, you can win one of thousands of prizes including the highlight: the Curry Fountain.

Like a chocolate or cheese fountain that you might find in the swankier tiers of all-you-can-eat buffets, this device will cycle around a perpetual stream of curry so that you may dip foods into it.

The campaign runs from 5 June to 31 August, during which time you will have to collect 12 stickers to become eligible for the Curry Fountain. It comes with four plates, four forks, and four aprons… because you know this is going to get messy.

However if you can’t put down that much beer in a three month span, you can win a big ol’ curry pot, six packs of instant curry, and a six-pack of beer for only six stickers. If that’s still too much then three stickers might net you three beers and a box of special Nodogoshi curry roux.

And if you can’t even scrape together three lousy stickers, then you’ll just have to come to terms with the fact your heart wasn’t in it to begin with.

Those who saw the Curry Fountain showed some interest, but a great many had a hard time not seeing something else in the brown and moist stack of concentric circles.

“Something about it looks dirty, I can’t quite put my finger on it.”
“Better than chocolate. You don’t have to make it as hot and it’s easier to clean because it doesn’t get hard.”
“It kind of looks like a fresh coil of poop.”
“Looks like pooh.”
“Did they know what it looked like going into this?”
“That’s a lump of s**t, yo.”
“I like curry but it doesn’t go well on fried food. They should show something else in the commercial.”

In regards to the last comment, of course the beauty of the Curry Fountain is that you can sample anything your heart desires with it: from potato chips, to an onigiri, to the hearts of those whom your sword hath felled on the battlefield.

It sure does look like fun, but be sure to get your stickers in by 31 August for your chance to get one. Also around that time, be on the look out for great deals on heartburn medication, which should also be happening if the makers of it know what’s good for them.

Source: Kirin Beer, J-Cast News, My Game News Flash
Top image: YouTube/KIRIN BEER