A very cute way to add a dash of Christmas flavour to your Frappuccino.

As we head into the holiday season, Starbucks is treating its customers in Japan to limited-edition Frappuccinos and drinkware ranges…and now there’s a customisation option that everybody’s talking about as well.

Back in 2020 and 2021, the customisation of the season involved a chocolate in the shape of the chain’s Bearista character, but this year, the sweet addition is a cute gingerbread character.

▼ Or as Starbucks describes it, the “Gingerbread Cookie Customize“, priced at 55 yen (US$0.40).

According to the chain, customers can add as many gingerbread cookies as they like to their drinks, but our Starbucks pro K. Masami knows that less is more, so she decided to add one to her Soy Vanilla Cream Frappuccino.

▼ She added chai and cinnamon to the mix too, for a total of 510 yen.

When Masami received her drink, her eyes lit up with childlike glee at seeing the tiny little gingerbread. It was leaning up against the whipped cream topping like a happy child in the snow.

Of course, Masami couldn’t bear to devour the cute gingerbread straight away, so she instead let it keep her company as she sipped her way through the Frappuccino.

▼ The cookie may have been small in size, but it was big in presence.

By the time she got to the bottom of the beverage, her little gingerbread looked as if it were sinking so she ended up feeling sorry for it and decided to help put it out of its misery.

▼ Chomp!

She felt a little bad at biting the head off her Starbucks companion, but that feeling soon faded as the sweet, spicy flavour of sugar and ginger hit her taste buds.

Masami reckons it was a much more delicious customisation compared to last year’s Bearista chocolate. Plus, unlike chocolate, you don’t have to worry about these cookies melting, so you could even add them to hot drinks for an extra dash of gingerbread flavour.

Masami’s only regret is that she didn’t add more of the cookies to her drink so she could enjoy extra bursts of gingerbread throughout. But then again, having more heads to bite off would’ve only made it even more difficult to consume!

However you feel about biting the heads off of cookie characters, they’ll only be on this mortal coil for a limited time until 25 December, which is when the chain’s Christmas Frappuccino and festive treats will disappear from the menu too.

Happy chomping, everyone!

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