As summer comes to an end, it’s time to get ready for a plague of mosquitoes in Japan

Out of the frying pan and into the pan full of mosquitos…

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How to stop the itching from a mosquito bite in minutes using a towel and a microwave

A super easy way to keep the bloodsuckers from spoiling your summer fun.

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This is the best summer in years to visit Japan…if you hate mosquitoes

People aren’t getting bit by the aggravating insects in Japan this summer, those some might say the reason why is something even worse.

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How to defeat mosquitoes using a chemical-free, super-cheap cleaning product

With mosquito season here, Japanese Twitter learns a quick and easy way to deal with the pests.

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Think mosquitoes suck? Japan’s Shock Extermination Stick lets you suck some mosquitoes instead

Eliminate your insect enemies with the powers of vortexes and electricity.

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Class up your backyard with your very own Nazca hummingbird that smells so good!

Over the summer, people around the world were really excited over a mosquito coil from Japan that gained notoriety because it was shaped like the Nazca Lines in Peru. Unfortunately, it only looked like a mosquito coil and was actually made from wood, but people still clung to the idea that if it was a real product, it would be really awesome.

Months rolled by, and no more news was released about this uniquely shaped mosquito repellent. Many people thought it would be impossible to make a coil in such a shape without it crumbling to pieces. But where there’s a will, there is always someone industrious enough to try to figure it out. It only took them until the seasons had changed, but we are finally seeing the release of “Nazca’s Summer, Peru’s Summer” right in the heart of fall. You won’t be repelling any mosquitoes with this coil, but everything will be smelling fantastic!

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Imported repellants no match for super-strength Chinese mosquitoes, experts say

The best advances in technology aren’t always digital. I know summers have become much more tolerable since countries like the U.S. and Japan started upping their mosquito repellant game. And since mosquitos are something we can all agree are annoying no matter where you go, it’s not particularly surprising to hear other countries like China have started arming themselves with imported repellants to fight off these pesky blood-suckers.

But what is surprising is that, according to recent headlines, buyers of imported mosquito repellants on China’s Taobao Marketplace say that these repellants are no match for Chinese mosquitoes! So we have to wonder, what exactly makes these Chinese mosquitoes so tough?!

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