How to make Japanese incense, the traditional way

Tokyo store teaches customers how to “listen” to scents instead of smelling them. 

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Line of Japanese-smelling watches sold through Japan Post Office

Wear your love of a certain Japanese scent on your sleeve.

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Smell like a Demon Slayer (or a Demon) with new line of Kimetsu no Yaiba fragrances

Ever wondered what a Demon Slayer smells like? Now’s your chance to find out!

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The sweet smell of virtual YouTuber success – Kizuna Ai’s new fragrance on sale now

Ever wondered what a virtual idol smells like? Now you can find out!

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Fate/stay night and Axe body spray partner up in attempt to make anime fans smell nice

When Fate fans find themselves sweating with excitement, Axe wants to be their humble servant.

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Keep your 2-D crush with you always with their special, AI-generated fragrance

A die-hard otaku’s best friend!

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A way to savor your anime sweetheart’s scent! Shop clerk helps out a swooning Japanese fangirl

A perfume saleswoman gave this fangirl some great advice to keep her fantasies fueled through fragrances.
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Studio Ghibli enters the perfume game with launch of Kiki’s Delivery Service body mist line

Anime witch Kiki and cat pal Jiji grace the bottles of fragrances saluting the Hayao Miyazaki classic.

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Japanese scientists determine the source of the coveted “young woman” smell

The scent, evocative of two fruits, was found to make women 74 percent more attractive.

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Japanese fragrance maker now offers…the scent of a sumo wrestler!

If you’ve ever wanted to smell as elegant as a sumo wrestler, this is the fragrance for you! 

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Class up your backyard with your very own Nazca hummingbird that smells so good!

Over the summer, people around the world were really excited over a mosquito coil from Japan that gained notoriety because it was shaped like the Nazca Lines in Peru. Unfortunately, it only looked like a mosquito coil and was actually made from wood, but people still clung to the idea that if it was a real product, it would be really awesome.

Months rolled by, and no more news was released about this uniquely shaped mosquito repellent. Many people thought it would be impossible to make a coil in such a shape without it crumbling to pieces. But where there’s a will, there is always someone industrious enough to try to figure it out. It only took them until the seasons had changed, but we are finally seeing the release of “Nazca’s Summer, Peru’s Summer” right in the heart of fall. You won’t be repelling any mosquitoes with this coil, but everything will be smelling fantastic!

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New Japanese fragrance apparently smells like the bath towel of a woman straight out of the shower

Maybe you’ve heard about the legendary used panty vending machines of Japan. With all the “weird Japan” news floating around out there, it’s hard to miss the exaggerated stories of hidden vending machines selling used undergarments so that shy pervs can indulge in the, erm…unique fragrance without actually having to go out and interact with a real live woman.

Of course, the used pantie vending machines are kind of a myth; sure, one or two of them exist, but it’s not like they’re on every other block like breathless news coverage suggests.

However, lonely weirdos shouldn’t give up hope just yet, because it turns out we’ve reached a technological point in time in which Japanese companies are able to recreate the fragrance of a woman’s bath towel fresh from the shower, which is maybe, we guess, the next best thing to used panties.

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