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As we head into winter, you can spot more and more people out and about in Japan wearing cloth masks. The main reason is to prevent the spread of germs during cold and flu season, but recent research suggests that for women, wearing a pink mask could make them appear twice as attractive.

Based on that, we can only assume that anyone wearing one of these new Sailor Moon masks instantly becomes three times as good-looking.

Set to go on sale October 30, the masks come in two different designs. For maximum girlish appeal there’s the Sailor Ribbon Pink, which is patterned with Sailor Moon’s chest ribbon amidst a field of stars. Alternatively, there’s the Moon Night Purple mask, which features mentor cat Luna. Sadly, researchers are yet to determine the exact numerical boost to a person’s attractiveness provided by purple masks, but we’d estimate their effects to be comparable to their pink counterparts.

The Sailor Moon masks are made by CreerBeaute, who some of you might recall as the cosmetics manufacturer behind such anime-themed products as Sailor Moon facial powder and Cardcaptor Sakura blush. Since CreerBeaute is all about helping its customers look their best, the Sailor Moon masks are designed with a special, smooth inner surface so that your makeup won’t smear or rub off while you’re wearing them.

The masks are available in packs of three for 380 yen (US$3.20), and CreerBeaute has hinted that certain lucky purchasers will even find special, as-yet unrevealed patterned masks mixed in. If you’re looking to cover your mouth and nose the Sailor Senshi way, the masks will be available at all Village Vanguard novelty retailers, select branches of drug store Matsumoto Kiyoshi, and the Kiddy Land toy stores in Tokyo’s Harajuku and Osaka’s Umeda.

Source, image: Sailor Moon official website