Monster Hunter

Attack on Titan roller coaster, Monster Hunter VR hunt to open at Universal Studios Japan!

You won’t find attractions like these at Tokyo Disneyland.

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Japan reacts to latest Monster Hunter movie promo images: “Why is Alice from Resident Evil here?”

The latest snaps of Tony Jaa and Milla Jovovich in their Monster Hunter guises have drawn a mixed set of reactions from the Japanese net.

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Wild boars tear up Kyoto neighborhood, injure five, flee after 10-minute battle with carpenter

These not-so-little piggies went “wee, wee, wee” all the way on a bloody path of destruction.

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Universal Studios Japan’s Monster Hunter attraction lets you use a secret “Sailor” anime weapon

Hint: It’s a surprise collaboration with another hit Japanese franchise with a lunar theme!
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Japanese Twitter loves adorable cats’ reactions to Monster Hunter: World’s Felyne voices【Videos】

These kitties just can’t figure out where the sounds are coming from!

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Japanese cosplayer creates impressive replica of Monster Hunter’s heavy bowgun

Why hunt monsters with a sword when you can do it with a massive cosplay rifle?

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Sailor Moon’s 25th anniversary means it’s time to play Sailor Monster Moon Hunter【Video】

In the name of the moon, we did not see this coming!

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Universal Studios Japan announces 2017 line-up of Cool Japan attractions

“Big” is looking to be the operative word for next year’s Japanese pop culture themed attractions.

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New Yume Twins “Kawaii Monthly Box” from Tokyo ships cute Japanese items worldwide!

Now you can get a monthly supply of cute featuring characters from Sanrio, Neko Atsume, and Sailor Moon, all delivered straight to your door, no matter how far away you live!

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Capcom opens its first directly operated character cafe with exclusive Monster Hunter X menu

Have you ever wanted to refuel like a character from your favourite video game? Well soon you’ll be able to, thanks to the new Capcom Cafe that’s set to open in Saitama Prefecture later this month.

Capcom, the Japanese video game developer and publisher who brought us hugely successful hits like Resident Evil, Street Fighter and Devil May Cry, will be offering exclusive merchandise and tie-in menus to promote various games at their new cafe, and for their opening they’ll be celebrating with meals, sweets and drinks in honour of their next big video game release, Monster Hunter X.

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Attack on Titan and Monster Hunter team up so you can take down colossal-sized monsters

Do you like Monster Hunter? Do you like Attack on Titan? Does the idea of combining the two… excite you?

Well then we have good news! Video game behemoth Capcom is teaming up with the creators of Attack on Titan to release a collaboration Monster Hunter smartphone event. Ready to take down some colossal, steaming, monster-titans? Then read on for more!

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Feline Felynes feelin’ fine! Cats star in new Monster Hunter Diary commercials【Videos】

Japanese advertising companies aren’t stupid. They know what will get the attention of the masses – adorable cat videos! So when the creators of video game series Monster Hunter were looking for a new angle for their advertising campaign, they wisely chose to assemble the kitties for a range of super-cute commercials!

The result? Adorable cats in hats smooching iguanas, playing plastic fishing games, lazing around, yawning, and being generally fluffy and sweet!

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Toyota’s Prius c Journeys through Dragon Quest and Monster Hunter

While the Prius c (sold in Japan as the Aqua) has always been marketed towards city-dwellers, Toyota assures road trip aficionados that it’s great for lengthy road trips and grand adventures, too. Especially the kinds of journeys you’d experience in Dragon Quest or Monster Hunter.

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Monster Hunter players finish their quest and earn the ultimate loot: a spouse

I think I speak for all men, and a good number of women as well, when I say we’d appreciate more direct communication in our romantic relationships. For most of us, there comes a point, usually sometime around when we finish school, where our tolerance for doubletalk and subterfuge from the person we’re dating drops off dramatically.

No one really enjoys playing mind games in their quest for love. Especially, as some people in Japan are showing, action video games like Capcom’s Monster Hunter can be a much better way of finding your soul mate.

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Monster Hunter Rathalos cake available for pre-order, comes with Epitaph Knife and 49 res points

So you’ve slain the mighty King of the Sky Rathalos in one or all of the Monster Hunter series of games, and you probably felt pretty satisfied the first time you did it. But something was missing, wasn’t it? Being simply a mere video game you couldn’t feast on the dragon’s meat like a true hunter should.

Now website Premium Bandai and cake maker Chara Shoku Net are offering monster hunters a chance to live that dream with the King of the Sky Rathalos Cake which comes with a knife in the likeness of the Epitaph Blade.

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