Panasonic develops a “weak robot” that farts

Nicobo’s prime directive is to do nothing and be cute.

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The time farting lead to murder and the fall of one of Japan’s great samurai clans

Japan’s Chiba Prefecture was once ruled by a samurai whose death was flatulence-related.

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Anime voice actress fart recording now on sale as ASMR audio file

I Want to Listen to the Real Farts of a Dojin Voice Actress combines voice acting and fart acting.

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Japanese teens develop anti-fart underwear that blocks smell and sound of flatulence

Because everyone farts.

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And now, the story of a smelly fart on a crowded Japanese commuter train

Poor triangulation skills lead to a heated argument with a surprising solution to the mystery.

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How often do Japanese people rip silent farts? Survey investigates

Investigation shows generation gap in emissions’ audio levels.

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Japanese teacher has student make written apology for farting in class, displays it in classroom

Attempt at discipline feels especially misguided when you learn the type of school he worked at.

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Farting sheep set plane’s alarm bells ringing during flight to Malaysia

We all have different ways of getting through long flights, like settling down for some inflight entertainment, reading a good book, or possibly trolling fellow passengers. But one thing everyone tries not to think about is what might happen if the plane were to suddenly experience an emergency while thousands of feet up in the air.

For one unlucky group of passengers last month, they experienced just that, and for what might be the strangest reason we’ve heard yet: some very gassy sheep.

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Our intrepid Japanese team tests out the air purifier at work…using flatulence

One of the most talkative and hardworking members of the RocketNews24 Japanese editorial team in Tokyo is none other than a Sharp air purifier.  

Not to be outdone by their mechanical coworker, our fellow (human) staff members recently decided to test out whether she was really pulling her weight in work or if she was just slacking off (we say ‘she’ because the machine is capable of speaking in a female voice). But to test an air purifier, you need dirty air…and what better way to make some quick, homegrown dirty air than to produce it in-house through farting! Will the air purifier actually respond to our team’s zany idea??

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