Yoshi’s eggs and a take-home Clay Pipe are just some of the highlights in this brand new limited-edition collection!

It’s not long now until Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Nintendo’s newest instalment in the Super Mario game franchise, is released on 20 October for the Nintendo Switch. To help celebrate, Nintendo has teamed up with Baskin-Robbins for a new collection of limited-time goods and menu items, designed to help customers power up in the best way possible.

There are over half a dozen items in the lineup, so let’s take a closer look at them all below, starting with two power-up items that promise to deliver fun bursts of energy.

The Super Mushroom Cola Float  (390 yen [US$2.66]) contains cola sorbet, combined with Baskin-Robbins’ white crackling candy and vanilla ice cream to create an “energetic cola float flavour”.

The 1 Up Mushroom – Melon Soda (390 yen) contains an equally energetic blend of white crackling candy and melon soda sorbet, which is said to have deliciously refreshing melon and mellow vanilla notes.

Next up, we have the Super Mario Double Cup, featuring three designs: Red, Yellow and Green. Customers can choose two of their favourite ice creams to fill the cups, which will be distributed randomly, and the first 310,000 people around Japan who purchase a cup will receive either a Super Mushroom or 1 Up Mushroom cookie as a special topping. 

▼ Small scoop cups are priced at 490 yen, while regular scoop cups are priced at 710 yen.

▼ The special cookies, available for the first 310,000 customers, will be chosen randomly.

Perhaps the pièce de résistance of the entire collection is the Super Star Sundae (750 yen), which comes served in a Green Pipe! Customers can choose a small-sized ice cream of their choice to sit inside the plastic pipe, which can be taken home and reused as a pen holder.

Up top is Mario, leaping from a mound of whipped cream with a Super Star and Brick Block chocolate on either side as he punches a “Hatena Block” (“Question Mark Block”), as the Question Mark Blocks are known in Japan.

The Ice Flower Soda is a jelly soda designed to look like an ice flower, served up in a cup decorated with ice flowers. Filled with yoghurt-flavoured jelly and nata de coco (coconut gel) this soda is said to have a fun texture and delicious bursts of flavour. Customers can choose their favourite small-sized ice cream to go into the float, and the muddler spoon comes with a limited-edition sticker attached!

Next up, we have Yoshi’s Eggs Set (3,000 yen), which comes with eight small-sized ice creams of your choice, packed up in adorable egg containers. The set includes a gorgeous reusable eco bag, which packs away into the shape of a Yoshi egg!

▼ Cute and practical

The Super Mario Variety Box, a popular takeout box that contains a choice of either small or regular size ice creams, is now available in limited-edition packaging, containing four to 12 flavours, priced between 1,120 yen and 3,900 yen. With each box containing a different design, diehard fans will want to purchase all of them, but it’ll leave a dent in your wallet, as the total for all four, containing small-size ice creams, comes to 7,420 yen.

Rounding off the collection is the Super Mario Palette 6 (3,700 yen), an ice cream cake that’ll delight fans whose birthday falls within the sales period. You don’t have to be celebrating a birthday to enjoy the six-slice cake, though, and the fact that it comes packaged in a special Question Mark box will have all fans wanting to purchase it!

▼ The boxes are only available in limited numbers, though, so once supplies of the Question Mark box are depleted the cake will be packed in a regular Baskin-Robbins box.

The cake slices contain the following flavours (below, left to right, top to bottom): Cookies and Vanilla ice cream with chocolate ice cream on a chocolate sponge, Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream with strawberry ice cream on a white sponge, Popping Shower ice cream on a white sponge, Caramel Ribbon ice cream on a chocolate sponge, Chocolate ice cream with Chocolate Flakes and White Chocolate on a chocolate sponge, and Love Potion 31 ice cream on a white sponge.

During the campaign period, customers who purchase one of the above products and use the GPS check-in service on the “My Nintendo” smartphone app  will receive a special sticker.

▼ Simply show staff your screen after you’ve made your purchase and completed the GPS check-in, and they’ll hand you the sticker below.

That’s a whole lot of fun and excitement coming to Baskin-Robbins stores, or “31” stores, if we go by their Japanese name, and the adventure begins on 1 September and runs until 2 October for all items, except the cake and stickers, which are likely to run out sooner as they’re only being made in very limited numbers.

The whole collection is limited, though, so you’ll want to act fast if you want to get your hands on everything, especially that clay pipe, which will always live in our memory as the one that a Japanese prime minister popped out of at an Olympics closing ceremony.

Source, images: PR Times
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